24th MFC Conference – Microfinance Investing Through Uncertainty

Join our partner’s flagship networking event - 24th MFC Conference that will take place on 29-30 June in Istanbul, Turkey.

We are thrilled that after long time of virtual meetings Microfinance Centre is bringing the microfinance world together again! We can’t wait for 24th MFC Conference – Microfinance Investing Through Uncertainty to begin!

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In Istanbul you will find out about the changing investment landscape and new investment opportunities, discuss the key predictions on how the sector will rise to the post-pandemic, economic, technological, green and other challenges, meet new leaders and forge exciting business partnerships.

MFC conference is a dynamic platform for initiating and forging relationships among participants and their institutions. Upwards of 500 delegates are expected to attend the conference this year from 40+ countries around the world.
The participants include microfinance practitioners,  policy makers, experts, investors, IT providers, donors, social finance enthusiasts and more.