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Add to Calendar 2022-01-18 19:00:00 2022-01-18 19:00:00 AgriFinance Community of Practice (CoP) - Webinar on Assessing Climate Risk for Agriculture The SME Finance Forum has created a Community of Practice on Agrifinance, a group of AgriFinance experts and practitioners from member and non-member institutions, to discuss experiences and document good practices and innovations in the field. One main objective of this CoP is to promote learning and sharing of good practice examples that help members improve their offering and better serve the Agri-SMEs. *** To kickstart 2022, the AgriFinance CoP is organizing a webinar on January 19th, 2022 at 8 a.m. EST, on “Assessing Climate Risk for Agriculture” featuring the work of Agroclimatica, a unique solution that quantifies the climate and production risk of agricultural credit application and through the transparency foments increased lending into agriculture. It simultaneously promotes climate smart agriculture while providing Green Finance Indicators, allowing institutions to monitor their Co2 footprint and report on their efforts towards net-cero.  Given the importance of this theme, the CoP is also preparing the next meeting for April 2022 and would like to invite members of the SME Finance Forum to express interest in sharing their work in this area and be part of the panel in April.    Moderator Panos Varangis is currently the Principal Operations Officer at the Financial Institutions Group, IFC. Prior to that Panos led IFC’s work in advising financial institutions to provide financial services to SMEs, agribusinesses, and farmers. Before joining IFC, Panos served as the Deputy CEO of the Agricultural Bank of Greece (2004-2009). From 1987 to 2004, he worked at the World Bank in various positions at the International Commodities Division, the International Trade Division, the Bank’s Research Department, and finally at the Agricultural and Rural Development Department where he oversaw a global program on commodity risk management. Panos holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University in New York.   Speaker Lars Saquero Møller is the Chief Executive Officer of Ingemann Data A/Sis. Lars is a Danish of origin and entrepreneurial in spirit. Lars has led the development of an agro-exporting company in Nicaragua for the last 11 years, serving as the access to market for 2.500 honey- and cocoa farmers and exporting to 40 countries. Since 2016, Lars has been point on the development and scale up of Agroclimatica, a climate smart FinTech that offers a range of products and solutions to financial institutions promoting long-term, sustainable financial inclusion through risk scoring as well as climate smart agriculture globally.      Lead Discussant Onur Terzi is the Agricultural Banking Marketing and Business Development Senior Manager at TEB. Onur was born in 1979 in Izmir. In 2003, He graduated from Ege University in Agricultural Engineering and attended Agricultural economics graduate class. He started to work as a sales support and project coordinator in various companies based in İzmir. In 2007, he went to Italy for his doctoral studies and completed his Ph.D. course and returned to Turkey in 2008. In 2016, he founded the agribusiness banking marketing department and he became the head of marketing, product management, and business development for agricultural banking.      Download Agenda here> Registration is open for members on Member's portal. If interested in participating, please send an email to Carina Carrasco.       Online SME FINANCE FORUM America/New_York public
Add to Calendar 2022-01-19 19:00:00 2022-01-19 19:00:00 How technology drives financial inclusion in Tajikistan - A case study of Humo Lab Gojo and Company is excited to announce that Humo, a Tajikistan-based microcredit deposit-taking organization (MDO) with a focus on technology, has joined the Gojo group as of September 2021. Gojo will host a webinar to share how Humo, our newest partner company, has established Humo Lab to spearhead digitalization and innovation. At Humo Lab, several products have been developed and launched, including mobile banking apps, payment apps, kiosks, and more. The webinar will focus on Humo’s introduction, sharing best practices on how microfinance institutions can do better to extend financial inclusion. “Ask Me Anything” session in breakout rooms is planned at the end of the webinar. Prior registration is required to attend.  Please register here color:black">.   Webinar SME FINANCE FORUM America/New_York public
Add to Calendar 2022-03-07 19:00:00 2022-03-07 19:00:00 GABV Annual Meeting, hosted by BRAC Bank 2022 Engaging with values-based frontrunners In the spring of 2009, 10 CEOs from values-based banks met in Zeist, a small town in the Netherlands, to try to change the world. Ever since, the GABV Annual Meeting has become the key moment for the Banking on Values movement. Hosted by a member bank, it has created a genuinely unique moment of exchange, inspiration and revitalization. The GABV's 14th Annual Meeting will take place from 8 - 10 March 2022. The meeting will be hosted by BRAC Bank (Bangladesh) and will focus on the Asia Pacific region.  The GABV Annual Meeting is not only a place for thought-provoking discussions but it’s also a learning hub. Members are encouraged to share their customer stories and the host bank organises visits and presentations, marketplace or exhibits with their customers. More than just a showcase, this experience with the customers allows the participants to connect first-hand with real impact across a variety of sectors.Why participate in the GABV's Annual Meeting? Read some testimonials and find out. “When I network with CEOs from other values-based banks and like-minded organisations from across the globe, one learns so much more and one is able to bring best practices to its own environment.” Selim Hussain, CEO BRAC Bank, Bangladesh “GABV gives us access to peers, best practices and support for banking on values against the conventional model of financial first and only considerations.” Kat Taylor, Co-founder Beneficial State Bank, USAHow to register?  Registrations will open toward the end of January 2022. SME FINANCE FORUM America/New_York public
Add to Calendar 2022-05-25 20:00:00 2022-05-25 20:00:00 RFIx 2022 and RFIx2022 Awards Join the global receivables finance sector's premier event: RFIx ’22 will be held in London at the offices of Clifford Chance on 26-27 May and will bring together in person, senior receivables finance executives from around the world, with live streaming also available. BCR Publishing will be also holding its 4th Annual Receivables Finance International Awards on 26 May 2022, on the evening of the first day of the 22nd RFIx Convention. Book your place for RFIx’22 and help define the future of working capital finance: Use our Early Bird rate before 12 April to receive £200 off the full price Apply today to receive RFIx22 Award: London SME FINANCE FORUM America/New_York public
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Add to Calendar 2022-05-31 20:00:00 2022-05-31 20:00:00 DigiLab Banca de las Oportunidades   Colombia IFC / Banca de las Oportunidades America/New_York public